Erasmus Centre of Entrepreneurship hosts travelling pop-up exposition

In the upcoming two weeks, ECE hosts the pop-up exposition “The Orange Elevator Pitch.” 42 stories of successful Dutch companies, professionals and entrepreneurs based in Barcelona, presented by the Netherlands Business Support Office. This travelling exposition is a tribute to the Dutch entrepreneur, and their boldness, resourcefulness, optimism, creativity, ingenuity, pragmatism and perseverance.  It is with this in mind that this exposition explores entrepreneurs in Spain.  Meet entrepreneurs such as Edwin Winkels, a freelance journalist and novelist, who offers this piece of advice: “adjust to the local customs and resist thinking that you can get by with what you’ve learned back in the Netherlands.” Just like ECE, it is his story, and that of 41 others, that aim to educate and inspire others to see entrepreneurship as an opportunity not to be missed.

Visit the ECE campus and check out all 42 portraits, texts, and YouTube videos in the multilingual audio tour highlighting the challenges faced in setting up a business in a challenging market such as Spain. Grab a cup of coffee, and take a walk through this inspiring exposition.  Learn from these stories, and gain insight into some of the issues faced in bridging trade between the Netherlands and abroad.

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