The Netherlands Enterprise Agency, together with the NBSO Barcelona, presenting you the pop-up exposition “Elevate Your Business”.
Den Haag, Barcelona, Amsterdam, which one are you going to visit?

NBSO Barcelona presents: 'The Orange Elevator Pitch'

During the scope of one year, the Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) Barcelona ran the campaign ‘The Orange Elevator Pitch: ‘Uplifting Interviews with Dutch Entrepreneurs in Barcelona’ a sequel to the successful series ‘Opportunities in the Crisis, Business in Barcelona’. This campaign brings together the interviews and portraits of the 42 Dutch entrepreneurs who took the elevator up with us during the last year. Derived from the campaign, we created a so-called pop-up expo, simply by producing large reproductions from the material we already disposed of. Reduce, reuse, recycle so to speak. These Dutch pioneers in international business prove that there are plenty of chances and opportunities for successful entrepreneurship in Spain. The Orange Elevator Pitch is a book, a series of videos, as well as a travelling exhibition, that inspires, encourages and informs options of entrepreneurship as a way to create employment and as a manner of coping with constant changing market conditions.
This pop-up expo has been created in close collaboration with
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